Pay Per Click (PPC)

Online Advertising Doesn’t Have To Be a "Wild West."
Google Ads (AdWords) Services, Search Engine Marketing SEM/PPC

Google Ads (AdWords) Services, Search Engine Marketing SEM/PPC

Reaching Your Potential customers with the Speed You Never Thoughts. Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adwords/PPC) is a Digital Marketing Solution to get Immediate result, Increased Conversion & Sales with Maximum ROI.

Whether you want to protect your brand or establish trust with prospects and clients, search engine marketing allows you to be on top at the right time while providing profound and useful insights about customer behavior.

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Google Ads Campaign Setup

Google Ads Campaign Setup

Campaign Setup is a vital stage in your PPC advertising journey that can maximize or minimize your digital marketing efforts. We at SPIDERWEB making sure to develop a fully customized account structure based on your products and industry to meet the business objectives.

  • Business Assessment, Campaign Research, Strategy & Development
  • In-depth keyword research, Optimized campaign Structure, Copy Writing, bidding & placement strategy
  • Setup Full Conversion Tracking System, Monthly Campaign Reporting
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How Does Google AdWords (PPC) Work

How Does Google AdWords (PPC) Work?

Google Ads are sponsored search results, usually the first results you see in a Google search at the top of the page with an “Ad” symbol. They are targeted to a person’s keyword search giving you full control of the type of exposure you want, across what keywords, in which location, at what time of the day, with a tailored ad to suit. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website.

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Google AdWords Agency

Google AdWords Agency

Google AdWords is a complex tool, which done right can warrant very strong results, however done wrong and marketers can be put off for life. Managing and optimizing a high performing campaign involves a high level of skill, constant up-skilling staying in tune with new updates, features and best practices, constant testing, iteration and of course – time, that is required to be invested. “Set and forget” campaigns simply won’t work which is why you need a dedicated Google AdWords company to do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on your business.

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Strategy for PPC (SEM)

Strategy for PPC (SEM)

Our qualified strategist will be on hand to maximize return on investment for our valuable client. Importantly We believe that quick and direct communication is key when starting a SEM campaign. The reasoning behind this is to ensure testing as well as to measure performance by encouraging direct dialogue.

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Measurement & Tracking System

Measurement & Tracking System

We will install advanced analytics and conversion tracking on every campaign we build. We can also include things like number of visitors in real-time analyzing visitor behavior and performance. Our campaigns will track and record phone call leads, conversions through the way of emails, web forms, newsletter sign-ups, online purchases through an e-commerce store, and any other key data you want to track on your website. We can almost track anything.

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Dashboarding & Reporting

Dashboarding & Reporting

PPC advertising relies on data provided by our analytics tools and techniques. In fact, we monitor and modify our campaigns based on keywords search as bidding and ad content performance. Along with Google Ads and Analytics we also deploy other technical tool to ensure that reporting insights are more detailed and extensive.

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Do you Need an Audit of your Account?

Are you tired of spending and not getting result from your PPC advertising? Let us audit your Ads account at no cost. Spiderweb will check your account settings against the best practices provided by Google and highlight the issues.

Free Audit

All Plans Include:

professional consultation
Professional Consultation
Provide advices and solutions to improve your business performance.
audience targeting
Audience Targeting
Research and understand your targeted audience behaviors and interests.
keyword research and planning
Keywords Research & Planning
Discovering the most relevant and search keywords that target your niche.
competitor analysis
Competitor Analysis
To shape strategies that will provide a distinct advantage.
digital planning
Digital Planning
Establish clear and effective digital marketing strategies for your business.
analytics review
Analytic Review
Detailed assessment and evaluation of digital marketing performance.
content & conversion optimization
Content & Conversion Optimization
Refine your content to enhance website quality.
monthyl campaign reporting
Monthly Campaign Reporting
Prepare detailed campaign analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know how much I should spend for my PPC?

    Different industries have a different spending scheme. We conduct an analysis on your industry and propose a suitable budget for you to start with your PPC campaign. Talk to us and our consultants will provide you with professional advices.

  • What happens when my ad budget was spent less than expected?

    Our PPC expertise will relook into your campaign and evaluate the problems. Once we have identified the underspent problems, which could be too niched targeting, low click-through-rate (CTR) etc, then we would further advise you on the next possible strategy that we would implement.

  • How will you work to get me ahead of my competitors?

    At Spiderweb, we formulate an action plan for you, it includes in-depth analysis on client’s business and we come up with targeting strategies based on time, location, behavior demographic and more. With our ongoing monitoring and optimization for your campaign, we ensure that your message is delivered to the right audience with the product/service/information that they are looking for. Hence, you would be able to anticipate their needs before others do.

  • How if my competitors keep clicking on my ads link?

    Continuous clicks without further action on your ads will be detected as fake clicks, which Google refers as invalid clicks. These clicks will not be counted against your ad spend and Google has their smart technology to identify the invalid clicks and remove them from your ads account. Hence, your competitors are not able to click you out of business.

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