Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We Don’t Have A Choice On Whether We Do Social Media, The Question Is How Well We Do It.

Data Driven Social Media Advertising Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin

Web Spider Digital is offering 360 complete social media advertising services on varieties of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The process will start with converting business objectives into digital strategies. After installation of pixel for micro and macro conversions on your website, varieties of campaigns based on different stage of the sales funnel will be implemented into customer ad account and on-going optimization will take place to achieve optimum result. A/B testing for multiple conversion tracking such as app installs, purchase, initiate checkout and many more can help us to optimise the conversion rate of the ad campaigns. By doing this we are getting closer to target people and audiences who are more likely to find the connection with your social ad and ultimately your product or services that you are offering. social media ads either Facebook ads, Instagram ads or LinkedIn ads all are following the same methodology.

Data Driven Social Media Advertising Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin
Social Media Conversion Tracking

Social Media Conversion Tracking

With more than 1.13 billion active users, Facebook Marketing is one of the most powerful advertising platform but in order to achieve ROI for the business, conversion tracking is a crucial part of campaign success. setting up different conversions such as purchase, initiate checkout or even add-to card can indicate the performance of each social ads. In social media marketing marketers are heavily relying on landing page setup, measuring the return on investment and other social media metrics to drive the traffic into the website that can convert.

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Insights Discovery with Social Media Analytics

Insights Discovery with Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics can unearth the insights needed to take your social marketing to the next level. Discovering audience insights from your Facebook fans, Instagram followers, and website visitors leverage them to create relevant and attractive content utilize the right channels, optimize spend, and deliver content to the right people

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Data Driven Social Media Advertising Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin

Social Media Advertising Services Include:

professional consultation
Professional Consultation
Provide advices and solutions to improve your business performance.
audience targeting
Audience Targeting
Research and understand your targeted audience behaviors and interests.
keyword research and planning
Keywords Research & Planning
Discovering the most relevant and search keywords that target your niche.
competitor analysis
Competitor Analysis
To shape strategies that will provide a distinct advantage.
digital planning
Digital Planning
Establish clear and effective digital marketing strategies for your business.
analytics review
Analytic Review
Detailed assessment and evaluation of digital marketing performance.
content & conversion optimization
Content & Conversion Optimization
Refine your content to enhance website quality.
monthyl campaign reporting
Monthly Campaign Reporting
Prepare detailed campaign analysis.